For Lucy

We have to share this amazingly beautiful poem, written by our friend Lynn Agnew, in honor of the birth of our daughter, Lucy Catherine, and her big brother, Andy.

A patient wait and fluttered wings
A promise of such blessed things

A welcome by a brother’s glance
A whirling light, a joy-filled dance

Faces aglow as she enters the world
Their beautiful, light-filled baby girl

For He had long since planned this meeting
This love soaked, awesome, gossamer greeting

A flicker, a presence, a quiet observing
A blessing to a family so richly deserving

A tranquil entrance as dancing wings twirl
The most delicate chariot for sweet baby girl

Lucy Catherine, born on July 15, 2010

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One Response to For Lucy

  1. Lynn Agnew says:

    I never saw this post…I am so touched. This came straight from the heart..with help from a dragonfly :-)

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