Our Love Story

Once upon a time there was a girl, just out of college
and facing the real world all alone.

And there was a boy, looking for an adventure far from home.

 And fate brought them together. Theirs was a love written in the stars.

 They knew that, even though they were young and they had so much life ahead of them, they wanted to spend it together.

 And so they got married.

 And he promised to love her forever.
And she promised to help make his dreams come true.

 And the years passed.

 They grew up together, learning what it means to support another person
and how to love unconditionally.

 They pursued their careers. They pursued their dreams.

 But something was missing.

 They decided that they wanted a baby. It was time to grow up even more.

 And so they tried. And tried. And tried.

 And the years continued to pass.

 Then, finally, the girl told the boy that their dreams were coming true.
They were having a baby.

 And the boy asked, “Where’s the box? Where’s the directions?”

 And they were so very excited for this new adventure.
They couldn’t wait to be a family of three.

 Soon, they learned that they would have a son. The boy was thrilled, picturing days spent on the football field with his little boy. The girl couldn’t wait to be a mother. They picked out a crib and painted a little blue room.
They dreamed and planned and prayed.

 The baby was born, and he was beautiful. His brown hair softly curled against their cheeks as they kissed him. His blue eyes twinkled like the stars.
He was heaven-sent.

 Their lives were perfect. Until, one day, they discovered that they weren’t. The baby was very sick, and they would lose him. They fought and cried and prayed.

 But, they couldn’t save their son.

And the light went out of the world. And the stars stopped shining above.

 And the girl didn’t know how to live any more.
And the boy didn’t know how to save her.

 So he stood firmly by her side. Just as he had promised.
And he loved her as much as he could.

 And she held onto his love, pulling herself slowly from the blackness of despair.

 But she didn’t know how to make his dreams come true anymore. So she kept trying. Just as she had promised.

 And then, one day, she told him that they were having another baby.

 And the boy asked, “Where’s the box? Where’s the directions?”

 They learned that, this time, they would have a daughter. They were terrified that they would lose her too. But, she was a ray of light in their lives, giving them hope and bringing back happiness.

 She was sent from the stars above. She was hand-picked by angels.

 And soon she was born. And she was perfect.

 They celebrated their daughter’s every milestone. They learned to balance their grief with their joy. They began to laugh more than they cried.

 But a part of them was missing. A part they could never replace.

 The years continued to pass.

 Then the girl had a dream that they would have one more baby. She dreamt that, this time, it would be a boy that they would get to keep.

 And, one day, her dream came true. And so she told the boy.

 And, once again, the boy asked, “Where’s the box? Where’s the directions?”

 Soon they learned that they would indeed have another son, sent from the stars above and hand-picked by angels.

 And, while they will never forget what they have lost, their broken hearts will heal a little more. And they will believe in dreams again. Because theirs is a love written in the stars.

And now their family, spanning heaven and earth, will be complete.

 But their love story will continue on. 

 For Alan, the love of my life and father of my three perfect children.
Happy Valentine’s Day.

 Love, Audra

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3 Responses to Our Love Story

  1. Christie says:


  2. Rosemary Perry says:

    Heartfelt and so beautifully written – what a loving tribute and a very true and honest one! You made it when many other couples crumble under that cloud of sadness and despair. Your Angel Andy didn’t want that to happen to his mommy and daddy. His sister and brother are Heaven sent for sure.

  3. Liane Caruso says:

    Audra… you are amazing. And so is Alan. And Andy, and Lucy and Will. Love you guys.

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