The Little Dragonfly

This poem was written in Andy’s memory by his Nana, based on the well-known dragonfly story.  A beautiful poem for a beautiful boy, who always sends us dragonflies to let us know he’s near.

A bug beneath a pond one day

Saw his friends go far away

Up along a stem they climbed

Leaving everyone behind

Then one day up that stem he climbed

Above the water he did find

A world of colour and of light

That sparkled in the bright sunlight

He fell asleep, then woke to find

His body changed, but not his mind

Wings had grown and he could fly

Back and forth beneath the sky

I must go back and tell my friends

This wondrous world waits here for them

But wings and water don’t combine

So he would have to bide his time

He flew around this heavenly place

Then in the pond he saw his face

Changed from who he used to be

His friends won’t know that it is he

So he will wait until the day

Up the stem they make their way

And they can play and fly so free

Together for eternity


This dragonfly visited Andy's Auntie Eimear and Uncle Ed on his first birthday

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