$1650 Raised at Greater Florida FSMA “Friends and Family” Picnic

Thank you so much to everyone who participated – and donated – in the second annual Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy (FSMA) of Greater Florida Family & Friends Spring Picnic Fundraiser on May 22. It was wonderful to spend such a beautiful, sunny day catching up with everyone in our SMA family. With more than 100 participants, we raised a whopping $1,650 for SMA awareness, outreach and research efforts.

Perhaps the most touching part of the picnic was the Remembrance Ceremony and Balloon Release.  As the babies that our chapter has lost since the last picnic were recognized, several dragonflies began to play overhead. To us, it was a clear sign that our angels were there.

Here’s the list of our chapter’ s angels and warriors recognized on May 22, 2010 – please keep them and their families in your thoughts and prayers:

For the babies lost to SMA since the last picnic:

Andrew Glenn Butler – January 8, 2009 – June 4, 2009 (Type 1)

Cooper Finn Nowotny – July 23, 2009 – December 26, 2009 (Type 1)

Abigail Katherine Judge – July 18, 2008 – April 17, 2010 (Type 1)

For all of our angels, watching over us in heaven:

Andrea Trakas (Type 1)

Chloe Painter (Type 1)

Franciso Rodriguez, Jr. (Type 1)

Stephen Maxwell (Type 1)

Taylor Bowser (Type 1)

Christian Taylor Ward (Type 2)

For our warriors who continue to fight this disease:

Amy Marquez (Type 1)

Allison Kerns (Type 2)

Audrey Winkelsas (Type 2)

Aurora Knowles (Type 2)

Ava Davidson (Type 2)

Brooklyn Santos (Type 2)

Christian Cuadrado (Type 2)

Edmond Fordham (Type 2)

Isabella Toro (Type 2)

Joie Smith (Type 2)

Maia Shockley (Type 2)

Morgan Kelly (Type 2)

Paige Nixon (Type 2)

Sierra Factor (Type 2)

Tiana Riveria (Type 2)

Vivianna Madera (Type 2)

Diana Baross (Type 2/3)

Elio Navaro (Type 2/3)

Jessica Nelson (Type 3)

Joe Miller (Type 3)

Laurie Sore (Type 3)

Thank you!

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