Getting Healthy

I am an emotional eater. So, it’s no surprise that I gained a lot of weight as we dealt with our son Andy’s diagnosis with SMA and his passing in 2009. Then, I gained even more when I got pregnant with his little sister Lucy (who is SMA-free)! Now, it’s time that I get back in shape.  I’m changing my lifestyle to embrace my health, which I know that Andy would appreciate. (Special thanks to Deb Young for the inspiration!)

I’m challenging all of my friends – especially other SMA mamas – to join me on this quest. Let’s track our weight loss from April 8 to August 1, 2011, and then make a donation to Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy (FSMA)  in Andy’s memory. You can make a secure online donation at

I’ll also post diet tips and recipes on the Andy’s Army Facebook page, so if you are on Facebook be sure to “like” it.

The health of our children is so important – it’s time that we get healthy too!

— Audra Butler

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One Response to Getting Healthy

  1. Deb Young says:

    I am beyond happy that you are taking control of your life for your both you and your beautiful children. I know that Andy is once again running around heaven … blabbling to all of his friends about how awesome his Mom is … and how very proud and lucky he is.

    And don’t worry … Lucy will soon be walking … and you’ll spend all day running after her … buy a pedometer … you’ll be SHOCKED at how much you walk in a day :)

    I’m with you the whole way!!!!!

    Yeah for “Getting Fit For SMA” while raising both money & awareness.

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